What a journey we are on, during this massive time of transition. I do hope that you are riding this wave in a positive light. There is a lot of new energy flooding the earth and you have the power to reap it if you stay in a high frequency. The best way to know if you are in higher frequency is if you are focusing on love.

Try and see everything from a state of love, because that is the timeline that you will want to create for yourself.

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If you feel gloomy, do this.

If you feel happy do this.

If you feel sick to this.

If you feel tired do this.

If you want to get stronger, do this.

There is no reason why you shouldn't do this 😊

You can always feel better.

Happy Solstice and a very merry xmas.


Did you know that there is a huge amount of light coming our way on this earth plane for us to shift into a happier place? It is called shifting to a higher dimensional frequency.

The process of shifting from 3 d to 5 d starts with making a decision. What life do you want to live. Do you want to stay in the negative spiral which is 3 rd dimensional consciousness or are you ready to take the leap to 5 Dimensional consciousness. Your guide is love and to find love, find the light.

Let's do some inner fall cleaning.

Feel lighter, act lighter, think lighter. Because light is the mother of love and love is the doorway to a higher vibration and dimension.

with love,


Why hang on to anything negative when you know that it is only an illusion and why stay in that frequency knowing that you will attract more of that negative vibration in your life if you do?

When you can raise your frequency and vibrate at a higher level you will be mentally and physically healthy and it will be easier to connect with yourself and LOVE.

These are the best free online yoga videos designed for just that!

I am happy to announce that there has been an new upgrade to help you with this beautiful task of self love. No more clicking between pages, instead scroll the categories and be guided by your own intuition and time.

Access the English video library here!

Access the Swedish video library here!

For over 20 years I have been doing all kinds of energy yoga and these free online videos presented on this site, are my go to exercises, carefully selected and designed to do the maximum job for the least amount of work, because... I know.... We all have a lazy side to us and not so much time to "sacrifice" for ourselves.

In the categories you will find lessons for beginners, kundalini yoga meditations, kundalini yoga combinations for better sleep, more energy, to release anxiety and stress, backache and so much more.

Try...they really work!

With love and light,


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